Zion Brain Training Center

Here at Zion Brain Training Center we provide a comfortable environment for students to develop their full potential.


We specialize in training the brain to develop and grow by strengthening the underlying skills that are necessary for learning. 


These skills include:


                          * Attention

                          * Memory

                    * Processing Speed

         * Visual and Auditory Processing

                  * Logic and Reasoning               

When these skills are weak, learning is slow and difficult. However, when these skills are strong learning is faster, easier and more efficient. 


Our intense one-on-one programs are great for those with ADD/ADHD, Learning Deficiencies, Dyslexia, Autism, Over Achievers, Dementia, Alzheimers and Stroke patients.


Students have fun training and their confidence is increased greatly. 

I speak Spanish and understand Spanish as well as English.

15066 Los Gatos Almaden Rd. Ste 120
95032 Los Gatos , CA
Sun, Jun 07, 2020: 8:41 pm
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