Youth Organizing (YO!) Disabled and Proud

YO! is a program of CFILC. Disabled youth are able to volunteer with local independent living centers, work on advocacy issues and campaigns that are important to them and find mentors within the disability community. YO! works with teens and young adults with disabilities ages 16 to 28.
Youth Organizing (YO!) develops community organizing activities to build a power base among youth with disabilities so that we can effectively work for change. We engage youth to learn about our history, the disability rights movement, disability pride, organizing and advocacy. Youth with disabilities build community with each other, develop a sense of leadership, a positive disability identity and organize and mobilize each other on issues that affect our lives.
Some of the amazing activities of YO! are:
  • YO! Volunteer Corps: the YO! Volunteer corps focuses on disability positive volunteer opportunities. Volunteers work in local independent living centers, gaining leadership development, job skills and connections!
  • Advocacy Campaigns: Many of our Volunteers and members of YO! work on youth-driven advocacy campaigns, such as Disability History and Taking Action for Accommodations. These campaigns are run BY and FOR youth!
  • Disability Mentoring: YO! Volunteers often work with adults with disabilities during their volunteer time. Additionally, YO! participates in National Disability Mentoring Day every October. National Disability Mentoring Day has great opportunities to gain first-hand experience, on-site job shadowing and time with a mentor to ask questions, get answers and learn more about career opportunities!
1000 G Street
95814 Sacramento , CA
Tue, May 07, 2019: 9:27 am
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