World Institute on Disability

Based in Berkeley, California, the World Institute on Disability (WID) is a nonprofit that works to fully integrate people with disabilities into the communities around them via research, policy, and consulting efforts.

The mission of the World Institute on Disability (WID) in communities and nations worldwide is to eliminate barriers to full social integration and increase employment, economic security and health care for persons with disabilities. WID creates innovative programs and tools; conducts research, training, public education and advocacy campaigns; and provides technical assistance.

Employment & Economic Empowerment

The Problem: The “Labor Force Participation” rate for the general public is 77%. The “Labor Force Participation” rate for people with disabilities has been hovering around the 33% for the last 40+ years. This is in spite of 40+ years of numerous employment initiatives, laws, and programs. What’s missing?

The Policy: What’s missing and needed is a “first-step” educational effort designed to improve both the competitive employment expectations and knowledge of people with disabilities.

The Program: WID E3 is such an effort.

WID E3 offers online resources and technical assistance designed to improve competitive employment outcomes for both youth and adults with disabilities. WID E3 fills the gap between where people might be and where other programs usually start. It’s a bridge. It’s basic training. WID E3 has three components.

Health Access
WID addresses health care disparities for people with disabilities by working to improve access to quality, culturally competent health care, and services by conducting research, training health care professionals, and improving access to fitness, nutrition, and peer-support activities.

Our initiatives include:


Disability FEAST

Access to Medical Care DVD Set & Training Curriculum

CAPE: Curriculum on Abuse Prevention and Empowerment

MAP: Medical Advocacy Project

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