Whole Family Wellness

Holistic Care for Children and Adults! Our practice is dedicated to helping your whole family thrive – body, mind & spirit!

Who We Are We are a group of holistic practitioners including integrative pediatricians and a certified nutrition consultant with the common desire of providing comprehensive medical care in a friendly, welcoming setting.

What Makes Us Different Our pediatricians are not only board-certified in pediatrics, but are also experts in pediatric functional medicine, clinical homeopathy, and holistic nutrition. Our pediatricians integrate the best of conventional western medicine with functional medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils and Traditional Chinese medicine to meet the unique needs of each child. 

We specialize in holistic well care as well as consultations for kids with chronic complex health concerns using an integrative approach. We believe in individualized, personalized care – there is NO “one size fits all approach” at Whole Family Wellness! We strive to identify and treat the root causes of your child’s illness.

Whether your child is well or has a chronic health concerns, we will help your childrenTHRIVE to their fullest potential!

Elisa Song, MD founded Whole Child Wellness in 2005 (which became Whole Family Wellness in 2013) with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customized to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. Dr. Song has a special interest in providing integrative care for children with complex medical issues, including autism, ADHD, asthma, autoimmune illness, eczema, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and other neurological disorders, and environmental illness.

Our Services

Well-Child Preventive Care
Well visits are generally recommended at the following times:
2-4 Weeks
2 Months
4 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
15 Months
18 Months
24 Months
Annually thereafter

Urgent Care
Same-day sick visits
Telephone / online advice
24-hour physician access

Pediatric Consultations for
Anxiety / depression / mood problems
Asthma & allergies
Autoimmune illnesses
Behavioral issues
Cardiovascular disease and hypertension
Chronic constipation
Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome
Chronic Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections
Developmental delay
Failure to thrive
Food allergies / sensitivities / intolerances
Gastrointestinal disorders (IBD, IBS, etc.)
Gluten intolerance / celiac disease
Heavy metal / environmental toxicity
Hormonal imbalances / menopause
High cholesterol
Sleep disturbances / insomnia
Thyroid disorders
Vaccinations and vaccine schedules
And more…

Treatment Modalities
Integrative pediatrics
Functional medicine
Nutritional therapy
Biomedical approach to autism
Homeopathy and homeopathic detoxification
Medical acupuncture
Herbal medicine
Environmental medicine/detoxification
Nutrition Services
Dietary and nutrition consultations
Menu planning and shopping lists
Private and group cooking classes
Detoxification programs
Weight management and body composition programs

Provider Update

  • Dr. Elisa Song, an integrative pediatrician, is currently not accepting new patients.
  • Dr. Therese Trolan, an integrative pediatrician, is available for scheduling well visits, urgent care visits, and consultations.
  • Kandice Stellmon, a certified nutrition consultant, is available for appointments with patients of all ages to assist in meeting your whole family’s nutritional needs.

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1601 El Camino Real, Suite #101
94002 Belmont , CA
Tue, Apr 14, 2020: 9:50 pm
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