Wheels of Wellness

Wheels of Wellness Behavioral Consultation Services recognizes the importance of bringing behavioral strategies and interventions to the environments where children, educators and caregivers are experiencing challenges.  We are focused on providing the San Francisco Bay Area with a comprehensive and positive approach to intervention that includes evidenced-based techniques to reduce maladaptive behavior and to improve social functioning. We seek to better understand and nurture relationships to improve social and emotional wellness between children, their families and their educational environments.

Wheels of Wellness is an interdisciplinary collective currently comprised of two clinicians Heather Danilovics, MA, LPCC and Sasha Torres, MA, BCBA who are colleagues dedicated to a common therapeutic vision. These professionals provide behavioral assessment and consultation, social skill facilitation and group therapy to children and families.

Both Heather and Sasha are independently licensed and act as independent practitioners solely responsible for her professional scope of practice and business practices. These clinicians do not operate as a formed, legal partnership, legal corporation, LLC or any other joint business entity.

Wheels of Wellness also works with additional supports staff who are experienced in their noted areas of services and dedicated to their vision of collaborative and comprehensive care.

Services Offered by Wheels of Wellness

Whether a child is presenting with social skill delays, has a complex diagnosis or is simply being defiant, Wheels of Wellness understands the challenges parents and teachers face when a child is struggling socially or behaviorally. It is our mission to provide mobile consultation in the environment where parents and teachers feel they need the most support.

What to expect: To get started, we will meet with you to gather information, answer questions about the therapeutic process and share your goals for therapy. During an initial session we will discuss whether Wheels of Wellness is a good fit for you and may look at other services that could be beneficial to you and your child. Wheels of Wellness will spend time observing the child in the environments of concern prior to discussing treatment recommendations.

BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT AND CONSULTATION Is your child experiencing behavioral issues at school? Behavioral Assessments assist parents and educators with a better understanding of why behaviors are occurring. Behavioral Consultations provide the tools and strategies necessary to better address problematic behaviors in the school, home or community settings.

SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING Is your child having difficulty making and keeping friends? Social Skills Training uses a trainer to facilitate pro-social behaviors in naturally occurring social environments such as school and during play dates.

PARENT CHILD INTERACTION THERAPY Do you need help with clear boundary setting? Parent Child Interaction Therapy takes place in a clinical setting and works on promoting prosocial behavior and reducing maladaptive behavior across environments.

SUPPORT SERVICES Are you looking for a support staff to come to school to shadow your child a few hours per week to help support his or her goals? Is your child pre-kindergarten age and needing additional pre-academic and social or emotional support prior to kindergarten entry? Support services offer a unique opportunity to push into the child’s classroom environment to support and consult with teachers to achieve goals for your child. Early Intervention support can assist your child with preparing for the pre-academic and social and emotional expectations of kindergarten. 

KINDERGARTED READINESS PROGRAM The Kindergarten Readiness Program provides pre-kindergarten learners as well as half-day kindergarten learners with the social and emotional skill practice and curriculum introduction necessary for a successful first year.

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