Warmline Family Resource Center

The WarmLine Family Resource Center is a place where families can turn when they discover that their child has a special need or disability. We offer a toll-free telephone resource network that gives you access to a full spectrum of services, information, referral and support. Through a system of parent-to-parent volunteers, we can put parents in touch with other parents "who have been there..." and provide resources (books, articles, videos, etc.) regarding a variety of conditions, illnesses, educational options and support.

We offer Sibling Workshops ~ A Sibling Workshop is a place and time to play games and mingle with friends who "get it" about the good (and sometimes not-so-good) parts of having a sibling with special needs. The Workshops are a place for kids to have fun. They are also facilitated by adult siblings who also "get it". Lunch is included. Please plan to sign your child in when you drop him or her off. 

Workshops and trainings include early intervention, IEP training.

English and Spanish

2424 Castro Way
95818 Sacramento , CA
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Sat, Apr 25, 2020: 8:14 pm
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Parents Helping Parents does not endorse or recommend any therapy, medication, or philosophy that families may encounter from the resources or events listed.

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