UCSF SNAP - Sensory Neurodevelopment & Autism Program

The mission of the UCSF Pediatric Brain Center’s Sensory Neurodevelopment and Autism Program is to integrate personalized care with innovative research and education.

Vision: Research and clinical care focused on the individual
Accurate and complete diagnosis including genetic, neurological, psychiatric, developmental pediatrics, and psychological evaluations for each family
Education, behavior, pharmacologic and nutrition-based treatments discussed and, when appropriate, implemented
Education and expertise provided to San Francisco Bay Area families, schools, clinicians and community
Research integrated with clinical care to understand the causes, develop novel treatments, and ultimately, to find preventative interventions and cures for autism spectrum disorders
Individual & coordinated multidisciplinary clinics applying advanced technology to make patient care comprehensive and cohesive
Active clinical trials program for biomarker-based treatments to personalize approach
Collaborative meetings with clinicians and researchers to discuss challenging cases and develop new approaches to assessment and treatment
Research database with hundreds of enthusiastic families sharing their time, knowledge, and biomarkers
Training medical students, residents, fellows, and post-docs in autism evaluation, treatment, and research
Outreach through regional, national and international presentations and publications
A powerful combination of world-class clinical care, biomarker research, and education


SNAP Clinic

The SNAP Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Program is directed by Dr. Elysa Marco, who is a child neurologist with training in genetics, cognition and functional imaging and is active in clinical research in this field. She is joined by Dr. Jessica Litwin, a cognitive and behavioral child neurologist with an expertise in sleep medicine or sleep disorders.

Neuro-GI Clinic

The SNAP Neuro Gastrointestinal Clinic is a coordinated effort between the divisions of Child Neurology and Pediatric Gastroenterology. This clinic specializes in the assessment of children on and off the autism spectrum with additional challenges with GI conditions such as diarrhea, constipation and cyclical vomiting. Evaluation at our clinic provides an investigation into the underlying cause of your child’s neurodevelopmental and gastrointestinal difference as well as behavioral/educational guidance and basic pharmacologic management.

Developmental Medicine Clinic

The Developmental Medicine Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to care with a multidisciplinary team. Specific services include developmental evaluation, behavior management, medication management, and parent education to address a variety of developmental and behavioral needs facing children, adolescents, and their families. Drs. Tom Boyce, Neal Rojas, and Susanne Martin Herz bring their expertise in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics to this clinic. A growing group of psychologists, lead by Neuropsychologist Shannon Lundy, Ph.D., also guide assessments and therapeutic interventions.

Osher Integrative Medicine Clinic

The Neurodevelopmental Clinic at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is headed by Sanford C. Newmark, MD. Dr. Newmark specializes in the integrative and holistic treatment of children with autism and ADHD. He combines conventional medicine with nutrition, behavior management, and various complementary modalities. Working with Dr. Newmark in this clinic are Brittany Blockman MD, Dionne Detraz (integrative nutritionist) and Kimberly Tompkins (child psychologist). 


The UCSF STAR Center for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) is directed by Dr. Young Shin Kim. Our goal at STAR is to lead the way to better understanding, treatment, and promotion of well-being for people with ASD and NDDs. Our services for individuals across the lifespan are conducted by teams of psychiatrists, psychologists, and speech and language therapists.

MDAC Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital

The UCSF Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Center (MDAC) at San Francisco General Hospital provides family-centered assessment services, diagnosis, service linkage, short-term intervention and case management to children and families needing neurological, psychological and medical assessment for suspected or actual developmental delay. MDAC is supported by First5 San Francisco.

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