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Top Mommy Blogs is a great way to find blogs by parents, and they have a special needs parents category. Here are a few samples:


#1 The Autism Cafe
Eileen has a degree in Literature and Foreign Languages from a French University. She has high-functioning autism and is the mother of two little... ...
#2 The Mom Kind
One moms journey with autism, parenting, and life. Having four kids keeps me busy, especially when two of them have autism. Here I share everything... ...
#3 The Winter Of Our Discontent
Writer by heart, advocate by choice, mother of a child with Cystic Fibrosis by, well I havent quite figured that out yet. This is the messy but... ...
#4 Finding Ninee
Dedicated to finding humor, support and resources for my son with developmental delays of “The Middle World” -the spectrum exists, but an autism... #5 Embracing The Spectrum
a message of hope and love in our journey with autism ...

#6 Sonyas Story A Journey With CDKL5
Sonya was diagnosed with a mutation on her CDKL5 gene when she was 2 months old. She began having seizures at 4 weeks and 3 days, and after genetic... ...
#7 Autism Momma Getting Through Those Storms With A Smile
Mom of a teenage son who has autism. He had a regression in April 2016. He woke one day and did not know who I was and had hullucinations ...

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