Tilden Preparatory School

Tilden Prep is a unique, WASC-accredited, college-preparatory school for grades 6-12 that teaches U.C.-approved courses one-to-one and in small groups. We also use mastery learning, teaching students to 80% (B) or higher level of mastery before moving forward. This allows us to individualize the pace and teaching method to address a wide range of learning needs. From highly gifted students who find a regular classroom setting too limiting to students with learning differences who need a specialized teaching approach to shine academically, we are working with students to maximize both their learning and their self-confidence. Our graduates are accepted at colleges throughout the country (see our College Acceptances list), and the vast majority are able to maintain their ability to reach 80% or higher mastery in their college classes.

We offer full-time enrollment, individual courses and tutoring services.

Middle and High School students are developmentally primed for mentoring. In our 1-1 courses, mentoring happens naturally as our teachers engage with students. We choose teachers who are compassionate, kind, and relate well to teens, so they become excellent role models for their students. Often teachers are so excited about their subject, their students will become equally excited and end up pursuing that subject in much more depth than expected, or even pursuing a degree in that subject after high school, coming back to thank the teacher for the inspiration.

We also have a more formal mentoring program where one of the student's teachers takes on a more extended mentor/advisor role, helping the student develop goals and a plan for keeping on track with these goals, and checking in regularly on the student's progress both with the student and the other teachers. This option works extremely well for students who need more help with areas such as organizational (executive function) skills, motivation, etc.


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1050 Bridgeway • Sausalito, CA 94965 • 415.944.2254

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