Thrive Healing Center for Families and Children

At Thrive: Healing Center for Adults, Families & Children, our mission is to help our clients avoid unnecessary struggles and frustrations, regain a sense of balance and wellbeing, feel successful and competent in their abilities, and able to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams.

We specialize in the treatment of life’s transitions, stress reduction and emotional wellbeing, developmental and learning disorders, Trauma & PTSD, and twice-exceptional children and teens. We use and are proponents of neuroscience, mindful practices, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic interventions.

Who we serve: 

  • Exceptional children; children with learning and/or behavioral problems often rooted in anxiety and/or social communication deficits, children with sensory impairments, and children who are intellectually gifted or have a special talent.

  • Parents, families and siblings of children with learning differences especially Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Parents, educators and other professionals working with exceptional children who are interested in learning new strategies for helping these students reach their full potential and benefit from their home and educational setting..

Sibling Groups- Social Group for Neurosibs

An opportunity for play and community building for siblings of children with social communication challenges.

When we have a loved one that struggles with learning and navigation the social context, life is different yet the same as other families. The complexity of the experience can be especially stressful, confusing and isolating for siblings.

We all have an innate need to belong and feel accepted. This group is an opportunity for siblings to build friendships and a toolbox of strategies to cope with their family situation while having fun through facilitated play.

Meeting Time: Contact AnaMaria ( for current times and dates.

Location: Healing Center for Complex Minds

Fee: $950 per child per 10 wk session (includes materials and snack), $75 for a half hour intake.

Ages: 7-12

*Additional groups for younger or older children or different date & time can be scheduled upon request. Four to six children are needed to offer a group experience.

2542 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 125
95008 Campbell , CA
(408) 963-6437
(408) 963-6594
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