Tests for Tots

Tests for Tots is located in Redwood City and serves the San Francisco Bay Area by providing comprehensive speech and or language assessments for the preschool population. Evaluations and observations are conducted where the child is most comfortable, such as in the family home or preschool, rather than an unfamiliar clinical setting.


In addition to assessments, we also offer consultations as follows:

- IEP preparation and consultation: analyzing school district comprehensive reports to ensure all areas of suspected needs are addressed prior to IEP meeting for preschool students

- Advocacy at IEP meetings for preschool students

- Parent Training: teaching parents how to create opportunities to target language skills in the home environment and or everyday settings

- Private preschool consultations: informing preschool teachers  how to target language skills for children who do not qualify for special education services 

Fee 150.00 per hour

94061 Redwood City , CA
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Tue, Jul 25, 2017: 8:56 am
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