Terry Regan - Educational Therapist

Educational therapy provides educational and therapeutic approaches to help students through the learning process. Educational therapy is an intense and focused mediation of your cognitive abilities and your learning style, juxtaposed to content. Educational therapists analyze learning issues from many perspectives and work with students — 1:1 to improve their learning.
  • We identify cognitive issues that affect learning, such as memory.
  • We remediate specific deficits.
  • We teach skills to improve executive function and task completion.
  • We improve performance on a day-to-day basis.
Whether you are a high school student, a college student or an adult, learning how-to-learn efficiently is key. I draw upon a wide range of theory, research and practical strategies to address academic challenges. 
Here are our areas of expertise and focus.
  • Metacognitive Solutions - Time Management; Content Specific Study Strategies; Project Management/Organization
  • Cognitive Solutions -  Attention and Memory; Effort/ Persistence/Procrastination; Critical Thinking; Goal Setting and Motivation; Anxiety and Performance; Graduate School Applications
  • Writing Solutions - Organization and Process; College Application Essays; High School/College Paper; Personal Statements
  • Test Prep and Study Strategies - PSAT, SAT, MCAT, DAT, LSAT; Study Strategies across content areas
  • Specific Content - Math, History, English, Science, etc.

My approach to collaborating about academic functioning is a hands-on, nuts and bolts approach. We address the weak areas of executive functioning in a pragmatic experience informed way. Every academic task from write essays to managing the tsunami of tasks requires time management and list making. Our goal is to put you in charge of work output.

I help clients—from high school to pre-med—craft personal statements, sort through choices and get a grip on the process. We focus on understanding your skills/interests relative to major/minor areas of interest. We implement a pragmatic, structured method to minimize stress and maximize your clarity about your school and worth as a student. 

Neurodiverse people are unique and fitting in is often a struggle. We are the proverbial square pegs always making extraordinary effort. We need workarounds to find satisfaction and manage the resultant stress and anxiety. Coaching is a nuanced relationship—part life skills, part therapy, part change agent. The conversation is about clarifying one’s vision, following through on one’s effort and trusting oneself. Experience governs solutions.

59 Pierce Street
94117 San Francisco , CA
Tue, Jan 08, 2019: 11:11 am
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