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We improve the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team.

We do this by drafting these courageous kids with local college athletic teams. Team IMPACT children are drafted onto the team and become an official member of the team from Draft Day through to Graduation. The child joins the athletic team and the student athletes join the child’s support team.

The child gains great strengthcamaraderie and support and the student athletes are taught lessons about courage, resiliency and life perspective that they can’t learn in a classroom.

Through a structured relationship management methodology, we establish and cultivate these relationships to ensure a successful experience for the families and teams involved.

To ensure the highest quality relationship possible, tremendous effort is placed on both the match-up process and relationship management.

Teams available nationwide

Match-up process

Eligibility Determination A typical Team IMPACT child is: • Between 5-15 years old • Diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness that has resulted in treatment and/or extended hospitals stays within the past three years • Who as a result of their diagnosis, could benefit from a boost to improve their quality of life both socially and psychologically

Team Selection Two major factors in selecting a team include: • Location: Finding a team that is located close to where the family lives or where the child is being treated • Coaching Staff & Players: Identifying the team that is the most enthusiastic about drafting a TI child onto their roster and is committed to providing the child with consistent and active socialization both on and off campus

Team Training Participating Team IMPACT teams are fully trained on how to be the best teammates and role models they can be to their youngest teammate.

Draft Day Draft Day is when the team will officially ‘draft’ the child onto their roster making him/her an official team member.

Relationship Management Through a structured ‘relationship management methodology’ we cultivate each relationship to ensure that meaningful bonds are formed and that we are measurably improving the quality of life for these children and their families.

Graduation Graduation is celebrated similarly to the Draft Day and focuses on the child’s accomplishments and impact he/she had on their team. As a Team IMPACT alumnus, the child will always be affiliated with their team but will allow the team to draft another deserving child onto their roster.

Relationship phases In-Season Level of Activity: High Frequency: 2-4+ visits/month • Visiting team at practices and games • Special access to team-only events • Regular communication with team via email, phone and text Out-of-Season Level of Activity: Medium High Frequency: 1-3+ visits/month • Attending informal team event oncampus (i.e., pizza party) • Depending on child’s health, team can visit child at the hospital or attend an off-campus activity (i.e., bowling, video games, etc.) Summer Level of Activity: Medium Frequency: 1-2+ visits/month • Local players attend off-campus events with child (i.e., ice cream) • All players send texts, emails and postcards to stay in touch while away from campus Our approach Provides regular access to high-grade interaction in a socially safe environment where: It serves as a distraction from their medical realities and the associated stress and anxiety that comes with treatments The child is accepted and embraced in a group of inspiring peer mentors There is a support group to communicate with and open up to regarding their thoughts and feelings • The kid is allowed to be a kid

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