Talking Playhouse (The)

The Talking Playhouse
Reduce Social Anxiety, Increase Social Communication & Connections
Learn Executive Organizational Skills
Master Pragmatic Language
​Coaching and Therapy for ADHD​​

Social Skills Groups, Individual Classes for Reducing Social Anxiety, Executive Function Therapy,

Improving Social Cognition, Writing and Pragmatic Language Therapy 

Our process entails extensive parent interviewing, face-to-face pre-screening in some cases, assessment, remediation, parent training and ongoing parent conferences. Our assessment process is extensive and includes a combination of the aforementioned including standardized testing as well as assessing individual strengths & weaknesses as a tool to help in treatment planning.

Our work doesn't just end at the session; we make visits for observations in the home and with allied professionals outside The Talking Playhouse family in order to see your child in a variety of real life settings. This includes working with the teachers and speech & language therapists at school. For our social pragmatic language groups, each therapist creates a custom approach depending upon the profiles of students attending the group. They pull from the leading experts in the field such as Dr. Barry Prizant (Yale University) founder of the SCERTS program for Autism, The Hanen Group approach, Michelle Garcia Winner of Social Thinking and more.

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155 Birch St. Suite 2
94062 Redwood City , CA
Thu, Jan 31, 2019: 10:52 am
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