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Sunflower Hill is a nonprofit that creates spaces and places where adults with developmental disabilities can live, work, learn and realized their dignified place in the community. The organization creates residential communities, Garden programs that focus on educational, therapeutic, and life skills training taught in a Garden setting, and a restaurant vocational program.

Nationwide there are currently 80 projects similar to the Sunflower Hill vision either operational or in development. In California, there are 12. Communities and programs like Sweetwater Spectrum in Sonoma, Vine Village in Napa and Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) in Fremont have set the stage for what’s possible. Each of these organizations sought to develop a community that would allow for the uniqueness of the special needs individual to flourish while still ensuring larger vocational and social integration.

Farm and ranch communities devoted to long-term special needs living have also thrived.  Bittersweet Farms in Ohio serves as an early innovator for this concept – offering an option of living and working in an agricultural environment with gardening, small animals and rural operations.  Finally, in Mesa Arizona, another paradigm is emerging – a combination community where typical seniors and special needs individuals can age in place together – allowing for both cross community volunteer options and increased levels of care.

Sunflower Hill will become a model for affordable special needs living and activities in the San Francisco Bay Area by creating life-long residency options with an enhanced quality of life.

We are seeking a location for our community with one of the following potential models:

  • FARM/RANCH concept with agricultural/vocational options
  • METRO living with access to vocational options within the greater community and enhanced social interactions
  • Senior/Affinity concept that combines the need for affordable living for typical seniors with individuals with special needs. This concept could offer some hybrid agriculture/metro activity
Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch (Pleasonton) is a planned 1.64 acre residential community for individuals with developmental delays. The future site was approved by the Pleasanton City Council in February 2018. Sunflower Hill, along with our affordable housing partner SAHA will pursue tax credit financing in March 2018. Construction is slated to begin in early 2019  and estimated move in date is March 2020.
Sunflower Hill – Livermore is a residential community designed for 44 individuals with developmental disabilities. The project was reviewed and approved by the city of Livermore’s Historical Preservation Committee as well as the city Planning Commission in October 2016. The Livermore City Council unanimously approved the project on March 13, 2017.
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Sun, Apr 26, 2020: 1:27 pm
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