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Our camp conforms to kids

Not the other way around. Instead of a rigid structure, we give our campers choice. Instead of teaching kids the typical way, we give them tools and gentle guidance to help them become autodidacts, people who teach themselves. The difference is subtle–and it’s profound.

Camper profile - Kids bursting with potential

Literally any human child between Pre-K thru 7th grade. If that describes you, then you are who. Pre-K kids must be 4 yrs old by their 1st day of camp. More about Launchpad.

After 36 years, we can say that all of the children we’ve ever met like to choose their own activities. But for some it’s an idea they need to warm up to. Others like the comfort of being with a group. That’s why we’ve developed the Launchpad––a way to start before joining the broader camp environment. We set up a structured program at camp where kids can feel comfortable as they connect with other kids who need easing into camp. The group then follows a schedule through camp that gives them a full view of what we offer. At any time during the day, campers may break from this group and do their own thing once they have discovered something of interest and friends to do it with.

All campers need to be fully potty-trained, able to speak up for their needs (though we understand some warming up might need to happen), and able to get through the day without a designated nap time. Not sure if camp is right for your child? Give us a call. We’d love to talk to you personally.

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