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Adaptive Horsemanship Program

We provide an intense experience that shows our students that they are capable of so much more than they imagined. Caring for an animal 15 times your size is at first intimidating and scary, and becomes empowering and exciting.

The horse is a unique example of gentleness and power and responds to all people according to their intentions, not their age, size, race, or social status. The horse is a gentle judge of character and students adjust their behaviour accordingly. We focus on building self image, one student at a time. Accomplishing not just a new physical skill or emotional breakthrough, but providing a context for the student to experience a new sense of self worth by doing meaningful work alongside their peers, instructors and volunteers.

Our facility in Half Moon Bay is very quiet and beautiful. Surrounded by farmland and Open Space, people from the city experience the healing power of farm/ranch life and participate in healthy outdoor activity.

Square Peg is proud to announce that we are now able to provide ABA services for our families!  Through generous support from our donors, most notably the Miner Foundation and Giant Steps Foundation, we are always seeking to better serve Square Peg families through compassionate supports.

SquarePegEdSupervised by Steven Forth who is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst with a Master’s Degree in Education, we now offer ABA services through the staff you have come to know and trust at Square Peg.  Using the best of modern technology, proven brain science and data driven plans, Square Peg can now assist families with ABA goals including social, safety, academic and self advocacy.

Steven is available for appointments via email.  Send us a note to get started on a joyful and caring ABA path joell@squarepegfoundation.org !


PMB #402, 80 Cabrillo Hwy. N., Ste Q
94019 Half Moon Bay , CA
Thu, May 28, 2020: 8:41 am
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