Second Start Learning Disabilities Programs

Second Start is a nonprofit private organization that provides specialized academic, transitional, and/or therapeutic services to disadvantaged, at risk children and young adults who are challenged by learning and social or emotional differences.

Beginning in the 1976, the Second Start opened Pine Hill School – ED Program, which delivered school based services to students in grades 1-12. These services provided a multi-disciplinary, academic and therapeutic programs geared toward developmentally disabled and emotionally troubled special needs children. 

Pine Hill South in Marina, CA is now accepting enrollments! 

In 2003 Second Start launched the Newton Learning Center, an educational program specifically tailed to the educational advancement of students with Asperger's Syndrome symptoms and students on the upper end of the Autism spectrum (1-12), also referred to as High Functioning Autism. In the Newton Learning Center we put a strong emphasis on teaching social thinking – not just social skills. While learning to think socially will help students to become more aware of the world around them and how their behavior affects others. Our team consists of parents of Aspergers students, and adults with Aspergers. The teachers also collaborate closely with Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, MFT’s, and Behavior Interventionists to support students within the classroom and to individualize appropriate strategies for each student.Locations in San Jose and Northern Nevada.

Second Start has been providing After School & Summer Tutoring since 1974. We provide an educational environment which meets the needs and challenges of every child. We also advance ways to build courage, self- esteem and personal responsibility. Our Educators provide each student the skills for Educational Success!

Students can be placed privately by parents or be placed by their school district. (with an IEP).

Second Start also offers: Post Senior/Life Skills Program, Social Perspective Program, Tutoring Center, and Social Skills Groups - after school program.


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