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No two scoliosis cases are exactly the same. Thus, there are a variety of ways to categorize a scoliosis case that help us understand what kind care plan would work for you or your loved one. Some of the things we look at in order to determine what goals we can reach and what parts of the program are most important are:

  1. The cause (i.e. congenital, neuromuscular, Scheurmann’s Hyperkyphosis)
  2. The shape (s-curve or a c-curve)
  3. The size of the curve (mild or small curves, moderate curves, or severe curves)
  4. The age of the person with scoliosis
  5. The rotation of the curve

All of these components for each case of scoliosis and its care help, or hinder, our ability to see significant reduction.

Scoliosis Services
No matter where you are in your journey, Scoliosis Care Centers offers a variety of non-surgical scoliosis services to assist patients of all ages. From screening and monitoring services; MRI based brace analysis and improvement; to our comprehensive Silicon Valley Method for treating scoliosis, patients and parents can find everything they need to ensure a spine has every chance to grow straight and healthy.

Screen your child for scoliosis using the fool-proof standing MRI SureScreen
MRI Monitoring
Replace harmful scoliosis monitoring x-rays with the standing ScoliSnapTM MRI
The only scientifically proven non-surgical treatment for curves 25º and above
Silicon Valley Brace FAQ
Treatment Programs
Comprehensive scoliosis treatment programs for kids, teens, and adults of all ages
Silicon Valley Method (comprehensive treatment program) FAQ
MRI In-Brace
Measure your brace's effectiveness with standing MRI instead of harmful x-rays
ScoliSnapShot Targeted In-Brace Analysis FAQ
ScoliSnapShot Full Length In-Brace Analysis FAQ
Make your child's spine as straight as possible with our brace improvement program
Diagnostic MRI
Diagnose the cause of scoliosis. Diagnose the cause of pain.
ScoliSpineDx Scan FAQ
Quarterly Scoliosis
Exam & MRI
Prevent scoliosis worsening with frequent quarterly monitoring.
ScoliQ Quarterly Monitoring Program FAQ
Root Cause Analysis
and Treatment
Prevent scoliosis worsening by treating the root cause.
Neuro-Biochemical Analysis FAQ
ScoliRCT (Root Cause Treatment) FAQ
Scoliosis Exercises
Strengthen and support the spine with Scoliosis Specific Exercises (PSSE)

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Thu, Aug 27, 2020: 12:59 pm
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