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The City of San José, Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) has provided recreation opportunities for persons with disabilities since 1972. TRS, a section of the City of San José Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services, provides recreation, education and community services to enrich the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

To thrive as individuals and as a larger society, people must feel connected to others around them in positive ways. This is especially important to people with disabilities, who may feel isolated and are often excluded because of architectural or attitudinal barriers. Recreation opportunities foster community connection, both in spirit and in activities. Recreation also promotes wellness, boosting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Therapeutic Recreation Services focuses on abilities, rather than disabilities.

Our programs:
Enhance independence
Improve social skills
Increase self-esteem
Connect people and families with community resources
Provide opportunities to contribute to society
Promote community integration

Therapeutic Recreation Services is divided into three service areas:
All Access Sports and Recreation
Grace Community Center
Inclusion Support Services

The Grace Community Center, located in downtown San Jose, is a therapeutic recreation center which serves adults with mental illness and other cognitive disabilities. The therapeutic and recreation staff is committed to creating a place where instead of isolation and marginalization, there is safety, acceptance, and meaningful engagement with others. Members are provided with support in maintaining and improving their mental health and level of functioning through the modalities of therapeutic recreation and expressive arts. The Center’s goal is to serve the social, recreation and therapeutic needs of adults with mental illness and other cognitive disabilities. Drop in activities include art groups, process and support groups, sports and fitness activities, nutrition, and psychological programs which teach daily living skills. Grace also offers access to fitness equipment, a computer lab, a pool table, and other lounge type areas where members can relax with music, television, and socialize with others.

San Jose's Office of Therapeutic Services offers a wide variety of programs for children, teens and adults with special needs, including spring camps for children and teens with disabilities, summer camps for children and teens with disabilities, diabetes type 1 camp, diabetes type 2 camp, asthma camp, year round teen social club for teens with disabilities, cooking classes, sports and fitness classes, check out the possibilities in the 'all access' brochure.

Run by the San Jose Parks and Recreation, the inclusive overnight camp has some wheel chair accessible platform tents.


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