Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

The Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is a public district hospital in Salinas, California.

Additional locations include Urgetn Care in Monterey, Salinas, Marina, Santa Cruz, Seaside, Watsonville and Aptos

specialty clinics throughout the area

Services include:

Art & Music Therapy

Our complementary care programs include art and music therapy. Also available are classes in stress management visualization, relaxation techniques, and Reiki healing sessions. Studies show that patients do better when they participate in support groups and other complementary care program

Occupational Therapy

As part of our Rehabilitation Services Program, occupational therapy helps patients develop skills for independent functioning.  Occupational therapy concentrates on independent functioning by strengthening the coordination of the hands, adapting equipment and building tools such as utensils with specialized hand grips, and increasing the patient's ability to dress and feed him/herself


Physical Therapy

As part of our Rehabilitation Services Program, physical therapy prepares patients for optimal performance at home. Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System's therapists practice high-touch and high-tech healing to relieve pain and restore function, strength, mobility and independence for patients who have been treated for acute illnesses or injuries or who have undergone major surgery. Rehabilitation services provide therapy to all doctor-referred patients in the hospital-from infants through seniors-working with each patient to recover mobility and functionality. Rehabilitation specialists develop recovery plans for each patient in collaboration with the entire medical team.


Support Groups

The Comprehensive Cancer Program of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System offers a variety of support groups and educational programs for cancer patients and their families. Our commitment is to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of people in the communities we serve. For more information about our programs and support groups or if you have questions, please call us at (831) 759-1951.



Since the 1930s, thousands of individuals and families have depended upon care provided by Gonzales Medical Group (GMG). In an effort to continue to uphold our commitment to furthering the health of the community, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (SVMHS) partnered with Christine Ponzio, MD, FAAFP and GMG to establish the Taylor Farms Family Health & Wellness Center. With decades of experience in the community, Dr. Ponzio understands the need for preventative care and management.

Taylor Farms Family Health & Wellness Center is proud to be a part of the advancement of care throughout Gonzales, the Salinas Valley, Monterey County and the surrounding region. Originally formed as a hospital-based Rural Health Clinic (RHC), the purpose of the center is to improve access to primary care in underserved areas and improve the health and quality of life for families surrounding the South County community.



Children living with asthma have the unique opportunity to learn how to better manage their condition while experiencing a summer camp environment with other children and adults who understand the impact of asthma. The Mark Velcoff, MD Asthma Camp, which is celebrating its 34th year, offers children with mild to severe asthma a chance to enjoy outdoor activities in a safe and supervised environment. Registration is open now for the weeklong camp, set for July 22 - July 26, 2019.



450 East Romie Lane
93901 Salinas , CA
Sun, Jun 07, 2020: 10:54 pm
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