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Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
Facilitating Independence Through Driving Safety 

 Covering Northern California and the Greater Bay Area 
We work to keep you on the road and safely behind the wheel.
The ability to drive plays an important part in a person's overall independence. The skills used to safely operate a motor vehicle may be impaired due to an injury, illness, or a congenital disability. Everyday tasks of going to the grocery store, doctor's office, or participating in social activities become a major obstacle for someone who cannot drive. For persons with physical, cognitive or visual impairments, the ability to regain driving is critical to leading an independent lifestyle.
Driver Rehabilitation Services generally include a complete clinical assessment of a person’s visual, perceptual, cognitive, physical and behavioral abilities as it relates to safe and independent driving due to aging, an illness or an injury. This assessment is conducted by a licensed Occupational Therapist who is also a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. Following the clinical evaluation, the behind-the-wheel assessment is conducted with the evaluating therapist to assess actual skill performance while operating a motor vehicle and making safe and independent driving decisions. Services provided are rooted in the medical model; this is not a driving school.

Services provided to individuals with, but not limited to:
- Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
- Strokes or Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)
- Spinal cord injuries
- Amputation
- Psychiatric conditions
- Diabetes
- Orthopedic conditions
- Congenital Disability
- Neuro-muscular conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis
- Normal effects of aging


Edward Brodd, MS, RKT, CDRS  - 650-690-6618
Driver Rehab Services, LLC - Provides CDRS services & equipment in the Bay Area.

Bay Area 95125 San Jose , CA
Thu, Sep 28, 2017: 10:33 am
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