Robert Rowen, M.D. and Terri Su, M.D.

Your health is paramount.  

The Rowen/Su family motto is "whatever it takes - medically". That said, our services concentrate on the 3 fundamental causes of dis-ease: malnutrition, toxins and stress. Please be prepared for a medical history unlike any you have ever had. We believe in detective work - finding out the last time you were healthy, uncovering the factors that began unwinding your health, and going after them! 

The western medicine description of your health challenge is just that, a "description". Consider the term "hypertension". It simply means "high blood pressure." It says nothing about what might be causing it. (Example: In the case of high blood pressure, causes could be thick blood, mineral deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, stress, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, infection, other toxins. What petrochemical pharmaceutical addresses any of these?) 

Our job is to help you understand the known underlying factors affecting your health. Once that is known, we can begin assisting you in the needed changes and therapies that can help you regain control, rather than rely on chemical methods, which may indeed relieve symptoms, but have limitations, and often -danger.

Believing that you are what you eat, we concentrate on diet. No, not diet as in calorie restriction but "food" as in what you are eating, and what you might NOT be eating for good or optimal health. We stress the concepts of the Living Foods Diet, as coined by Dr. Rowen. Research is now proving out what we have been teaching patients and what Dr. Rowen has repeatedly written about for many years.   

After assessing your toxin burden by history or lab tests (such as evaluation for toxic metal burden), we help you design a program to detoxify. Methods here could include, but not be limited to: nutritional supplements, sauna/sweat therapy, chelation (for metals), herbs, homeopathy, oxidation therapies. We do offer chelation therapy by several routes, including oral and IV. Chelation therapy has recently emerged (in orthodox literature based on a long term major study) as a valuable help in vascular disease. 

 Highly trained and experienced in a discipline called neural therapy, we look for disturbances that might be interfering with your body's nervous system. Such disturbances could include something as simple as a scar (from injury or surgery), to a hidden jaw infection, to a root canal or even dental or medical implant. Neural therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic into the disturbance area. Often, we see a "lightning reaction." Coined by German physicians, this means instant resolution or near resolution of the problem it was causing. For example, the source of your low back pain might be a root canal or a surgical scar. An injection of procaine into the disturbance might cause the distant pain to instantly vanish. You'll see this on our youtube channel. We are heavily into helping patients with pain. However, our methods are to uncover the source of the pain, or understand its cause. Pain is actually a friend. It is telling you that something is wrong. It could be an injury, protracted inflammation, infection, tumor, etc. Most often, it is inflammation from a variety of causes, which did not resolve normally. Prolozone and neural therapy are our mainstays of treatment, which can address, treat, and remove the cause, rather than simply band-aid the pain. We work closely with biological dentists to provide definitive treatment for disturbances in the teeth/jaw. 

We are both teachers of a major discipline called oxidation therapy. Dr. Rowen is currently the chairman of the oxidation workshop of the American College for Advancement in Medicine. Oxidation therapies include ozone therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, intravenous hydrogen peroxide, and high dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. Dr. Rowen is currently the longest living continuous user of oxidation therapies in North America. We encourage you to visit the youtube channel to hear what patients have to say about these therapies, rather than read a long dissertation here which you might find unbelievable. In short, oxidation therapies are powerful immune system modulators, enhancers of circulation, stimulators of oxygen consumption and energy production, and enhance detoxification. Ozone therapy directed into joints and soft tissue has been coined "prolozone". The potential benefit of this therapy on joints and especially osteoarthritis is enormous. We believe that oxidation therapies are the most powerful healing therapies on the planet today, and can do more to help a wider variety of health challenges, than anything else we know of. Again, we direct you to the  youtube website:

 We offer a wide variety of IV nutritional therapies, inclusive of chelation therapy, minerals, vitamins, essential phospholipids, glutathione, amino acids, etc. We believe that most Americans are deficient in minerals due to our factory farmed soils and poor diet. Many people report rapid return of energy and clear thinking when metabolism, circulation and oxygenation are improved with oxidation therapies, and minerals are restored. After decades of unwarranted scorn from conventional physicians, chelation therapy has recently been vindicated in a major study as effective in vascular diseases! 

Drs. Rowen and Su were trained in acupuncture and Chinese medical philosophy, including the meridian system.. Knowledge of Chinese medicine can help diagnose and treat "mysterious" ailments. 

We also offer cold and infrared laser therapy, pulsating electromagnetic field therapy, and other forms of energy medicine which can assist in the regulation of your cells. We are excited to announce we now offer the highly advanced therapies for eye diseases Inclusive of macular degeneration) pioneered by our friend and colleague, Ed Kondrot, MD. (, which includes his phenomenal treatments with Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  

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