RespectAbility is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that understands we are a stronger community when we live up to our values – when we are welcoming, diverse, moral and respect one another.

We work with entertainment, policy makers, educators, self-advocates, nonprofits, employers, faith-based organizations, philanthropists, journalists and online media to fight stigmas and advance opportunities for people with disabilities.

Led by people with disabilities and those who love them, we know that people with disabilities and their families have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, even if they face different challenges.

We do not lobby; we educate. Our free tools and factual resources inform so people with disabilities can achieve the education, training, jobs, security and good health that everyone needs and deserves.

We offer webinars, toolkits to help support inclusion in the workplace, faith communities, etc.

Some of our programs:


Ensuring children and adults with disabilities receive the education, training and employment opportunities they need to succeed.



Ableism is a real thing just like racism, sexism and other isms. Philanthropy is at its best when it represents the people it serves including the one-in-five people who has a disability. RespectAbility is on the front lines in helping philanthropists learn how to welcome, include, serve and benefit from the talents of people with physical, learning, sensory, intellectual, mental health and other disabilities who often are left out of the diversity discussion.


When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 27 years ago, it exempted faith-based organizations. Thus, many such organizations do have not yet have the attitudes, physical facilities or training they need to appropriately welcome people of all abilities. Given the very important role that faith and faith-based organizations play in America, RespectAbility is working for full inclusion in all faith groups. However, it has started its faith-based inclusion work with a focus on the Jewish community and institutions. As model practices are established, we will work broadly across faiths to share best practices.

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