Positive Pathways, LLC

Getting Help for Kids with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Positive Pathways works with children and their families in several effective ways to help develop important social skills and adaptive behaviors to make their integration into society more successful.

Two of our key services:

Direct Therapy (ABA Therapy)

Direct Therapy
Uniquely tailored 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children with autism and developmental disabilities with the goal of helping them develop healthy functioning skills and generalize them across multiple settings.
Social Skills Therapy

Integrated Adventure Social Skill Groups
Groups for children on the autism spectrum and those who need to improve their social skills to improve peer relationships. Our groups use the principles of ABA and combine Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to teach crucial social skills, all within the community! “

Team Locations
Alameda Team
Contra Costa Team
San Francisco Team

94114 San Francisco , CA
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