Parisi House on the Hill

Parisi House on the Hill (Parisi House) is Santa Clara County’s first women-with-children residential alcohol and drug treatment facility.
It currently houses 42 beds in which women and their children (up to age five) may live for six months while receiving client-centered, culturally-sensitive services.

Our unique treatment program addresses the specific needs of parenting women, pregnant women, and women with newborn-5 years of age. We value the unification of women and their children and understand the effects of addiction on the entire family: Both generations receive services because both generations are affected by parental substance abuse.

Staff are highly trained to assist with issues unique to the young recovering family through on-site programs which support both developmental and dually-diagnosed needs of our clients and their children. The goals of our child development program are to enhance a child’s growth, sense of trust, and bonding in a loving, nurturing environment during their 6-month stay.

P.O. Box 21826 95138 San Jose , CA
Thu, May 14, 2020: 8:45 pm
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