Oster Elementary School - home of Santa Clara County Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

School Profile
Oster Elementary School is located in suburban West San Jose and is part of the Union School District. The school reflects a community rich in cultural and ethnic diversity. Union School District encompasses seven square miles of single family and multiple unit homes. Its’ students attend one of the six K-5 elementary and two 6-8 middle schools. Current enrollment for Union School District is approximately 5700 students.

The District has two preschool Special Education classes, and eight Special Day Class programs for K-8 students. The County Office of Education programs for children with autism, hearing impairments, and severe disabilities. Oster proudly shares their campus with the County’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. A group of students from this program are completely mainstreamed into Oster classrooms with the assistance of signing interpreters. The entire DHOH study body is integrated into Oster’s lunch and recess programs with great success.

Support Services

Oster Elementary School celebrates every student’s strengths and talents. It provides a continuum of program options to help our students become successful. Intervention options include specialists for Title I, READ 180, RSP, speech and language, and the school psychologist.  Additional services, such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program, occupational therapy and adapted physical education, are available to students with disabilities. Specialists engage, challenge and support students to thrive and reach their academic potential.

Oster Elementary offers flex reading groups which provide instruction for all students within their zone of proximal development (ZPD). 


1855 Lencar Way
95124 San Jose , CA
Mon, Aug 24, 2020: 2:41 pm
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