Open Mind School

Open Mind School (OMS) is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) incorporated in 2010. OMS is the first truly inclusive school in California to serve children identified as gifted, children typically mainstreamed, and children with special needs regardless of impairment or diagnosis. OMS has small class sizes, adapted curriculum, sensory friendly environment, transdisiplinary team of specialists in the classroom, innovative technology, and a BIG emphasis on enrichment activities. OMS's long term goal is to be a K-12 placement.OMS advocates a compelling call to action to move away from segregated special day classes or isolated schools to an inclusive school, community, and world.

Open Mind offers a school, classes, an afterschool program and camps.

Open Mind now provides in home services.

Professionals provide one-on-one services through behavior therapy and/or relationship based approaches to address difficulties in the areas of cognitive, sensory, communication and social integration domains. We collaborate with families, schools, and other specialists to provide children with a comprehensive program in their home. SLPs and OTs also provide in home sessions.

1215 O'Brien Dr.
94025 Menlo Park , CA
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Thu, Aug 20, 2020: 3:05 pm
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