New Perspectives, Inc.

New Perspectives, Inc. is an Adult Development Program serving individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabled Adults.

Our curriculum is based on the idea of challenging one’s self at the highest potential in order to find the maximum possible outcome.

Our core values include self advocacy, independence, human rights, and the right to community access is the basis to our curriculum.

It is our goal to provide a safe environment for participants to express their needs and wants in the least restrictive way possible.

What We Do
510 Service Code
An adult day program that serves adults who are in the process of acquiring self-help skills. Individuals who attend adult development centers generally need sustained support and direction in developing the ability to interact with others, to make their needs known, and to respond to instructions.

Adult development center programs focus on the development and maintenance of the functional skills required for self-advocacy, community integration, employment, and self-care. Typically supervised at a staff:consumer ratio of 1:4 (with provision within regulation for approval to staff at 1:3).

Adult Development Center component will focus on assisting our clients in learning a variety of skills. Basic Life Skills Training, assist our clients in boosting confidence improving personal hygiene, professional appearance and independence. Vocational Skills Training assists our clients in developing essential skills needed to obtain and maintain a job while providing hands-on experience. Functional Education Training stimulates and improves the power of the mind, exploring personal interests in memory through technology, science, history, mathematics and geography.

Additionally, The Arts allow clients to express who they are, how they feel and what they want people to know about them. The Arts provide a constant hands-on engagement, learning and creating

515 Service Code
A community-based day program that serves adults with severe behavior disorders and/or dual diagnosis who, because of their behavior problems, are not eligible for or acceptable in any other community-based day program. Supervised at a staff:consumer ratio of 1:3.

Behavioral Modification Management component will focus on teaching Pre-Vocational Skills, assisting our clients in developing skills used to instill productivity. Self-Advocacy/Self-Help Skills, teaches individuals to care for their own needs to the best of their ability, along with improving effective communication skills.

055 Service Code
A variable ratio, community based, day program that may have a program emphasis on serving consumers with very specialized needs.

Community Based component will focus on Socialization Skills, assisting our clients with their experience integrating within their community. Adaptive Skills will educate our clients on proper methods in interacting within their community as well as Self-Advocacy/Self-Help Skills, teaching individuals to care for their own needs to the best of their ability, along with improving effective communication skills.

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1051 South Main Street
Salinas, CA 93901

6400 Monterey Rd
95020 Gilroy , CA
Sun, Apr 26, 2020: 1:59 pm
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