Morgan Autism Center

Serving the community since 1969, Morgan Autism Center is a non public school. It has been providing positive, highly structured educational programs for pre-school and school-age children with autism and other developmental disabilities in Santa Clara, San Mateo and other Bay Area counties. In 1985, an Adult Program was introduced, focusing on vocational independent living skills, and continued academic enrichment.

Morgan Autism Center is recognized both nationally and internationally as a model program. The center has received numerous awards and State Department of Education commendations for its remarkable program.

The School Program

For students on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities whose educational needs are not fully met by existing public school programs, Morgan Autism Center provides an individualized school program that includes:

A high staff-to-student ratio with one to one or small groups, allowing us to build customized programs for each student.
A comprehensive approach that targets multiple areas of development—language, cognition, social behavior, motor, and self-help skills—creating the best opportunities for success.
We offer a high degree of flexibility to meet unique and changing educational needs, aligning our work with a student’s particular learning style. Continuous assessment of student’s progress is integral to the program.

A student’s school day unfolds in a carefully structured and supportive environment, with frequent one-on-one interaction with trained staff:

Individualized speech/language therapy
Academics (from basic cognitive skills to reading, writing, composition, and math)
Individualized occupational therapy
Play and social skills
Physical education
Art and Music therapy

We also emphasize teaching vocational and independent living skills, both on-site and at a variety of community locations.

Reverse Mainstreaming: Students from several nearby schools come weekly to Morgan Autism Center to facilitate communication and social skills development between typically developing students and students in the School Program.

Certified and endorsed: Morgan Autism Center is certified by the California Department of Education, and we are endorsed by 26 Bay Area school districts in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Alameda counties. Morgan Autism Center is a nonpublic school. Students are funded through public school districts. Referrals come from school districts, physicians, private therapists, parents, and other agencies.

The Adult Program

We believe that, just as with neurotypical students, education does not end with the completion of a school curriculum. Founded with a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Adult Program emphasizes improving the independent living and vocational skills of its participants.

Vocational training curriculum includes:

Computer skills
Office skills
Bulk mail preparation
Garden/farm work
Art and Music Therapy

The Adult Program follows the same model as our school program, tailoring tasks and vocational work as is appropriate for our participants. Adult clients are closely supervised, working in small groups of two or three, with trained staff.

Referrals to the Adult Program come from parents, school districts, physicians, private therapists, regional centers and other agencies. Funding is provided by the regional centers and fundraising efforts.


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