Mobility for Discovery

Encouraging children with disabilities to experience upright, self-initiated mobility to explore and access their environment, through the use of adaptive mobility equipment.
It is imperative for a child’s physical, cognitive and social development that exploration and interaction within the environment begin early in life, particularly during the preschool years, when development depends on a multitude of sensory motor experiences.  Explore the web site to find out how your child can be encouraged to experience developmentally appropriate activities that other children naturally encounter in their daily interactions. 
Mobility for Discovery Camp Experience
The Mobility for Discovery Camp Experience is a unique opportunity for young, mobility impaired children to explore and interact on their own. These "explorers" are provided with a variety of manual and powered mobility options in an environment that encourages developmentally appropriate exploratory and interactive activities. It is intended for children who cannot sit, stand, walk, or run. 
Mobility for Discovery Evaluation Services
Side by side evaluations of custom modificied assisitve mobility equipment and the availability of rentals provide a more accurate method for assuring an individual will find most appropriate device to meet the desired outcomes.
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