McLindon Family Foundation

We provide adaptive bikes to special needs children.

Our family is blessed with the wonderful gifts that are the fruits of this project. Listening to the parents as they describe their sweet child, witnessing as they turn over every stone looking for the thing that will help their child’s development. Listening as they cry when we tell them that thing, that adaptive bike, is on the way. And crying with them. Watching the progress in photos and videos and reports of improvements in the child’s health, as they joyfully share their success with us.

In 2008, the McLindon family donated our first adaptive bike to a young boy with hydrocephalus, who desperately wanted a bike of his own - just like every child. Since then, we have rallied a network of extended family, great friends, dedicated therapists, compassionate donors and people just like you to give away over 200 bikes in twenty-seven states.

8305 Tom Dr
70815 Baton Rouge , LA
Thu, Apr 16, 2020: 2:14 pm
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