Lydian Academy

We Teach The Way You Learn
The typical classroom can gallop along way too fast for some students, and feel glacial to others. At Lydian, your teacher tailors instruction to the way you learn, moving at your pace instead of the average pace of those around you.
With a program for everyone, choose from a single class, all of your schooling, tutoring, and more.

Who is the typical Lydian student? Families enroll for so many different reasons that we don't have a typical student.​

Some students come to us for a fresh start in school, and to put painful bumps in the road behind them. Many of our students have learning differences and want more personalized instruction. Others have their sights set on our nation's top universities, and want a less stressful way to get there. 

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815 El Camino Real
94025 Menlo Park , CA
Thu, May 21, 2020: 3:45 pm
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