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At Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. in San Jose, CA we have extensive experience working with children in areas where they may be struggling. This includes, but is not limited to, children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, children struggling with anxiety, depression, a recent loss, inattention, or anger/opposition. Autism therapy is provided through the use of individualized plans to suit your child’s and your family’s specific needs.

Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. utilizes a combination of play therapy techniques, collaborative problem solving,  and behavioral modification to address a variety of emotional regulation and behavioral issues. We are here to help parents build stronger relationships and to support their child’s healthy emotional growth and development.

Many insurance companies will pay a portion or all of this cost. Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. in San Jose, CA will help you navigate this process.

ABA/Behavior Modification Therapy
This is the leading therapy for young children on the Autism Spectrum. This therapy involves intensive Behavior Modification Training and Data Analysis.  ABA can be provided on-site and in the child’s home and environment.
Programs are designed to meet your child and family’s individual needs.  Please contact us to schedule an intake or any further information needed.
Individual Play Therapy
Play therapy allows a child to express their feelings, even when they don’t have the words to do so.  Help your children to express their emotions and learn coping skills they need to more effectively manage their feelings. Play therapy is best suited for children ages 2-12 years.  Play Therapy helps children to deal with difficult emotions that may contribute to behavioral difficulties at home, school and in the community.
Through play therapy, children become more responsible for behaviors and develop creative solutions to problems that occur in their lives. Play therapy provides the skills children need to experience and express their emotions, as well as cultivate empathy and respect for the feelings and thoughts of others. Play therapy supports further development of self-esteem and confidence.
Parent Support Group
So often Parents and Caregivers of special needs children feel that they are alone and constantly have to fight for services or support. Parent support groups allow parents who have children who struggle with behavior problems, Autism, or other Developmental Disabilities come together to share their experiences, stories and lives. This process can often reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Through this group families can experience a sense of community.
“Learn to Get Along" Sibling Work
At Little Spirits Bay Area we understand how hard it is when your children struggle to get along. When you need a break from the constant fighting and bickering, Little Spirits would like to help.  Scheduled play dates at Little Spirits will teach your children the skills they need to compromise and collaborate to ensure successful and fun play-time with each other, while you get a break.
Sibling 8-week Group
Having a child with special needs is challenging; adding another child to the household can make meeting every child’s individual needs even more difficult. Little Spirits identifies and teaches the skills, to the children, that are needed to interact independently with each other. This 8-week Group includes 6 weeks of on-site play dates between the children and 2 weeks of in-home sessions to transfer the skills needed to ensure a peaceful household. This Group offers a flexible schedule and can be tailored to your personal needs.
Social Skills 8-week Group
Many children, both typical and those who have Autism/Developmental Disabilities, have difficulty processing social information.  This makes socializing in novel settings frustrating due to the lack of understanding of social expectations. This can impact a child’s ability to develop meaningful relationships and ability to receive any assistance they may need. Learning how to communicate effectively can ease the frustration many children feel in new situations. Many of these skills can be mastered in a group setting with other individuals with similar strengths and difficulties thus providing further support and encouragement.
In this 8-week group, children will learn a multitude of new skills. Members will learn that their perceptions differ form the perceptions of others. Children will also have an opportunity to increase emotional identification and awareness, as well as an improved emotional management in novel social settings. Group members will learn to increase their ability to respond to people and situations around them. Children will also gain self-confidence in their ability to effectively communicate.
Parent Social Skills Parallel 8-week Group
This group is designed to be a support group for parents as well as to provide educational information to supplement what your children are learning in the Social Skills group.  Providing parents and caregivers an opportunity to feel understood and supported by working with people who are in similar life situations. This group will help your family to use the same language and skills that the children learn in the social skills group.  Materials and activities will be provided to help your child drive home the skills they learned in social skills group.
Yoga class
Benefits of Yoga include helping children to be calm, increased strength and stamina, as well as learning to slow down, focus and work through limitations. Yoga can empower children, and provide them with the tools to solve problems on their own.  Yoga provides many tools one’s body needs to feel peace and comfort, especially in the sensory child.
Sensory Art Class
Art therapy is complimentary to other treatments.  This form of therapy seeks to bring the child to self-discovery of emotions through the process of art. This process acts as a de-stressor and helps to build coping skills and increase self-esteem. Art Therapy is designed for children who have difficulty expressing emotions; children are able to engage in the process in a setting that is supportive and non-judgmental, while getting there sensory needs met.
Little Spirit’s Chefs
This unique class will teach children how to create not only their favorite meals/snacks/desserts, but will introduce novel and challenging foods, textures, and smells in a desirable way.  The children will participate in understanding ingredients, the importance of following directions and how to create a happy dining experience. 
Little Spirits chefs will learn to follow simple steps, prepare ingredients, and work together.  Incorporating basic math skills, and organizational processing to implement while they are cooking.  Little Spirits Chefs will learn the basics to have the best etiquette on the block!
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Thu, May 14, 2020: 7:52 pm
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