The Little School

We are a relationship-based, inclusive preschool program for children ages 2 to 6. We believe that strong, positive relationships, where everyone feels respected and included, are the keys to a successful learning community. 

Little School was founded by Leslie Roffman and Tim Treadway, current director and teacher, in 1984 to provide individualized, quality attention to children, families and staff.  They wanted to create an enriching, supportive environment where everyone thrives and families and teachers learn as much as the children.

The program grew quickly—from 12 children in 1984 to over 100 in 1990. During those founding years, key staff came on board, most of whom are with us today. Through partnership and experience, the basic building blocks of our philosophy, curriculum and structure came into focus. Our inclusive approach evolved from being interested in and committed to serving children with special needs to realizing that all children deserve to have their strengths celebrated and gain support for their challenges.

1520 Lyon Street
94115 San Francisco , CA
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Thu, Aug 27, 2020: 9:38 am
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