The Lili Claire Foundation - Williams Syndrome

The greatest wish of every expectant parent is to bring a healthy child into the world. However, recent studies indicate the every year, 6% of children are born with a neurogenetic condition such as Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome, or Autism. As a legacy to Lili, The Lili Claire Foundation helps to ease the challenges these families face by providing a unique and comprehensive blend of support services all free of charge.

Lili Claire takes a holistic approach to treating the family as a whole, and we know that, with early intervention, we can dramatically affect the life of a child born with special needs. Statistics show that the earlier a child recieves a diagnosis, behavioral therapies and support, that child stands a better chance for leading a more fully integrated life. The special needs of the child affect the rest of the family too. That's why we believe so strongly in supporting the family as a whole, by providing Sibling Workshops, as well as Parent Workshops.

Our Family Resource Centers are aligned with university medical schools and community hospitals, contact a Lili Claire Family Resource Center and speak with a Coordinator, who will ask you for some information regarding your needs, and will schedule an appointment for a diagnostic evaluation / collect appropriate medical records
Attend a Clinic: Meet with a geneticist, behavioral psychologist, and social workers for an evaluation / diagnosis. Our Clinics are staffed with doctors and other professionals who offer combined expertise in a variety of complex conditions, using a holistic approach to caring for the child and the family as a whole. We believe that early intervention in the life of a child with neurogenetic conditions can dramatically improve the chances of the child leading a more independent, integrated life.
Follow-up Care: Work with Lili Claire Social Workers to develop a roadmap of care including:
  • Autism Workshops
  • Behavioral Therapies
  • Emergency Family Fund
  • Emergency Medical Interventions
  • Family Counseling/Workshops
  • Family Fun Days
  • Family Network 
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Parent Support 
  • Reading Garden 
  • Resource Library 
  • School Advocacy
  • Sibling Workshops 
Supportive Services: Advocacy and Social Work
522 East Twain Ave
89169 Las Vegas , NV
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Fri, May 08, 2020: 3:45 pm
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