Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Look closely.

Someone you know is blind. And chances are they’ve been a visitor to the LightHouse.

Each year, the LightHouse touches the lives of thousands of people–people who have been blind their whole lives or people who are new to blindness because of eye disease or trauma. People who don’t like to talk about being blind and people who are comfortable with their disability; people who lead companies and work alongside sighted peers and people who need more training and skills to land that great job; kids who are as young as three and seniors as old as 102. Blindness crosses all communities, ages and socio-economic levels. And in a world where there may be only one blind child in a school or one blind employee in any given workplace, the LightHouse is a place where blindness is the norm, not the exception. At the LightHouse, we show people that blindness isn’t about being engulfed in darkness but simply a way of being in the world alongside countless other ways of being: tall, red-haired, brown-skinned, young, old, athletic, artistic…blind.

Getting Started

If you think you may benefit from services, training or community activities and want to know how to get signed up, call us at (415) 431-1481, or email

Some of the programs we offer include: training on cutting-edge accessible technology, how to move gracefully and effectively with a cane, social and recreational activities, accessible map and graphic design, braille instruction, as well as science, math, music and many other camps for blind youth and adults in the rolling hills of Napa. Please read through the program descriptions below and pick the one that’s right for you.

Blind & Low Vision Training Classes

Click here to read more about orientation and mobility training, technology instruction, cooking and other independent living skills, and the other types of training we provide. Instruction periods include one-on-one, group, ongoing, and immersive options.

Employment Immersion Program

The Employment Immersion Program is a multi-week course empowering those who are blind or have low vision to assess their skills and interests and find success and satisfaction in the job market.

Enchanted Hills Camp

Founded in 1950 by Rose Resnick, Enchanted Hills now holds not only our annual summer camp sessions, but also hosts classes, workshops, retreats and seminars in a beautiful setting high atop Napa’s Mount Veeder.

Deaf-blind Program

The Deaf-blind Program provides training, resources and support to persons who are both vision and hearing impaired. The goal of the program is to ensure that deaf-blind individuals have access to information and the skills needed to live independent and productive lives. As part of this goal, the LightHouse operates the FCC program to ensure deaf-blind individuals receive free equipment and training to suit their needs.

Youth Programs

The LightHouse offers a diverse array of outings, social events, and personal/professional development opportunities for young adult and high school-aged youth.

Community Services

On a weekly basis we provide outings, classes, recreational activities and events for blind people of all ages to learn, connect and thrive.

Counseling and Psychological Services

The LightHouse offers counseling for those affected by blindness or low vision by an experienced team of licensed professionals.

Low Vision Clinic

Part of finding successful solutions is assessing your visual levels and needs. The LightHouse, in partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, offers low vision examinations each week.

Other sites:

LightHouse of Marin

  • 1137 4th Street
  • San Rafael, CA 94901
  • TEL: 415-258-8496
  • FAX: 415-258-8501

    LightHouse of the North Coast

  • 2127 Harrison Avenue, Suite 3
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • TEL: 707-268-5646
  • FAX: 707-268-5647
  • PARA Espanol: 800-592-9053

    LightHouse Industries

  • 2207 Poplar Street
  • Oakland, CA 94607
  • TEL: 510-444-6422
  • FAX: 510-444-6425

    Enchanted Hills Camp

  • 3410 Mt. Veeder Road
  • Napa, CA 94558
  • TEL: 707-224-4023
  • FAX: 707-224-5435
1155 Market St, 10th Floor
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