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Lifetime Development 
is a center for psychodiagnostics, neurofeedback, and guidance located in Pleasanton, California. The mission of the center is to support comprehensive treatment of the health needs of children and adolescents with attention, developmental, behavioral and learning problems and to assist adults challenged with cognitive, emotional, movement, memory, stress, and pain difficulties. 
The first consultation aims to achieve a full picture of the client's concerns and context. Treatment is begun only when a coherent provisional picture of the patient's status has been sufficiently investigated. For this reason our interview is comprehensive: it integrates the latest complementary health understandings with those of mainstream clinical care. As a result, we design test batteries, devise treatment protocols and give guidance and referrals that we are confident will be both highly appropriate and efficient. Obviously they are uniquely individualized as well. 

Quality referrals for other services (medical, psychiatric, ancillary therapy, educational, etc.) are made when indicated. The collaborating professionals to whom we refer are extremely well-chosen for their competence, responsiveness, empathy, and meticulous follow through. 

Our Services:
Diagnostic Evaluations








Consultations and Treatments

Autism Spectrum Guidance


Career Counseling

Marital and Life Coaching

Brain Brightening

EEG Biofeedback


"Lifetime Development" in Pleasanton focuses on the latest neurofeedback services by Grayce Stratton, Psy. D. and Dr. David Green, Ph.D.for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).Neurofeedback is a form of brain treatment that helps normalize brain-wave patterns and reduce symptoms through natural and painless EEG-generated computer feedback to the patient.

Dr. Stratton is an assessment specialist registered with the Board of Psychology. She is a graduate of UCLA, where she studied with the famous Dr. Ivar Lovaas about applied behavioral techniques in autistic children. She earned her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the California Graduate Institute, and her Psy.D. degree from the American Behavioral Studies Institute in Los Angeles. Her clinical doctoral training focused on the administration and interpretation of neuropsychological measures utilizing the UCLA neuropsychology protocols.


Lifetime Development offers psychological evaluation/diagnosis of children as well. Formal diagnosis of autism is typically a prerequisite for special school services.

4450 Black Avenue Suite E
94566 Pleasanton , CA
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Tue, Sep 25, 2018: 10:57 am
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