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We believe that many young adults with intellectual disabilities can lead independent lives with the help of meaningful and ongoing transition support. We’ve created a dynamic Occupational Therapy based program in cooperation with Stanbridge University to help our students and their families reach their goals. Our unique program allows our students to gain independence through internships and employment and increased interpersonal and living skills with a hands-on teaching model. The program is hosted at Stanbridge University under the oversight of the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program.

Our Program

Life College is a two year program with the flexibility to best fit the needs of each individual student and their families. Some students may spend more, or less, than one year in the First Year program or the Second Year Program.

First Year

  • students attend Life College year-round
  • 9:00am – 3:00pm, Monday through Friday
  • classes in the morning
  • internships in the afternoon

Classes are held at Stanbridge University campus in Irvine, CA. Our class sizes are small and personal to best provide the necessary support for all students.

The Life College internships are within automotive dealerships that teach students transferable job skills such as office administration (filing, scanning and data entry), and warehousing (inventory, stocking, and order fulfillment) while demonstrating the soft skills necessary to maintain gainful employment.

Second Year

At the end of the 1st year, an Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) is developed and implemented starting the 2nd year. This plan may include attending Irvine Valley College with the full support of Life College assistants and tutors, or transitioning to employment with the support of a Life College Job Coach.

Student Profile

We believe that many young adults with disabilities can lead independent lives. We help young adults with intellectual disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism, Fragile X, and other Developmentally Delayed Learners.


High School Diploma, Certificate of Completion, or GED Able to function safely and independently on campus, in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community settings. Have the potential to lead an independent life with meaningful and effective transition support.

Must adhere to the Life College “Dress Code and Appearance Policy”

Must demonstrate commitment to the Life College program and to acquiring the living, employment, and self-development skills required to be independent.


  • 34 students have enrolled.
  • 8 students are currently attending the Life Skills program.
  • 8 students are attending Irvine Valley College with Life College support.
  • 4 students met their transition goals and are attending college independently.
  • 9 of 10 students 90% of students who have completed the program are employed!

Beyond Graduation

Life College doesn’t just offer a two-year transition program for students with disabilities; we want to become a life-long resource to support our graduates and their families after completion of the program. When our graduates need a helping hand, we’ll be there to help with next steps.

2041 Business Center Drive
92612 Irvine , CA
Thu, Apr 09, 2020: 12:52 pm
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