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The organization's current & future programs

Current Programs:

Community Supported Digital Inclusion and Computer Reuse Program: LFC provides approximately 500 computers annually to individuals, families and nonprofit organizations. We estimate that 1,750 people a year (3.5 per computer) use these computers to improve their lives through access to a range of online information and communication resources. These computers are refurbished locally by LFC volunteers, for our county's local residents.

Technical Support/Computer Repair Program: LFC serves 900 to 1,000 low income people annually with very low cost technical assistance and repair services, at pricing 90% below market rates ($10/hour), which our cadre of volunteers offer as they learn empathy towards others and participate in community service. Many of our volunteers live in the communities of the LFC's clients.

Volunteer Career Training, Job Exposure, and Community Engagement: LFC provides a welcoming, energized center where over 50 age, income and multi­culturally diverse volunteers participate in LFC's initiatives, offer services to our low income residents, and assist in its administrative and business operations. Our volunteers gain valuable technical, business and administrative skills appropriate for career exploration, career development, and higher education advancement. They also learn problem solving skills and how to work collaboratively as well as independently.

938 S. Main St.
93901 Salinas , CA
Tue, Apr 30, 2019: 1:26 pm
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