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Learning is an adventure!
Learn Mindfully uses research-based teaching methods to develop your child's learning strengths. Our goal is to foster mindful learning, focus, and behavioral strategies.  I am a experienced private teacher/consultant with an MA in Special Education: CLAD (English Language Learner), Autism, and Special Education Levels 1 & 2 certifications.  I can help  your child develop reading decoding, comprehension, writing, English, math, positive behavioral, study, and organizational skills. We'll develop self-awareness and independence.

One-on-One or Small Group Instruction

Student mindfulness, organizational skills, behavioral, and academic instruction are all available on-site or remotely. Collaborative family sessions and small-group instruction are available to support traditional classroom or homeschool assignments. Instructional formats will be tailored to meet student needs and learning styles.​

We start by determining how your child prefers to learn, taking into account which foundational skills they have mastered and which skills require revisiting. The ability to pay attention, to organize, and to recall new information, and ultimately to apply it across different subjects and projects are our goals.

IEP & 504 Consulting

Your child has their unique learning preferences and needs. We can collaboratively determine individualized accommodations or modifications to support your child in the traditional classroom or homeschool setting.

Reading, Writing, Behavioral, Organizational Skills Instruction

Decoding (sounding out letters and blending them into words), reading comprehension, writing, positive behavioral choices, and effective organizational skills are areas that can challenge students.  We work to strengthen these areas using research-based instructional methods and mindfulness techniques.

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95008 Campbell , CA
Tue, May 12, 2020: 5:36 pm
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