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Being a special needs family isn’t easy. While the rewards far outweigh the difficulties, sometimes it seems that acceptance and accommodations for your child are hard to come by. All too often, what is termed a “disability” is looked upon as something less than and perceived in a negative manner. When in fact, children with special needs are differently abled and capable of leading full and satisfying lives. When your special needs child needs someone to go to bat for them and be their voice, you want that person to have the knowledge and expertise to handle your case competently as well as the care and concern to treat your family compassionately.

Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell have been competently and compassionately representing children with special needs since 1993. The firm is dedicated to helping special needs children and young adults. Ms. Tytell’s practice focuses on all aspects of education law and associated areas including:

  • Psychoeducational evaluations
  • IEPs
  • Mediations
  • Due Process hearings
  • Federal court litigation of special education matters
  • Disability discrimination
  • School discipline
  • Accommodations for high stakes testing
  • Juvenile court defense
  • Expulsions
  • Regional Center matters
  • Family Law

Ms. Tytell’s practice has also evolved to encompass family law with a focus on high conflict custody matters that involve special needs children. She has also assisted divorcing families as an expert witness and has been called upon to advise family law judges in dissolution matters involving special needs children. She also works with families to ensure that the children’s best interests are met.

Ms. Tytell devotes the bulk of her practice to representing children and young adults in Northern and Southern California who are impacted by mental health issues, emotional differences, social difficulties, and learning disabilities.

Ms. Tytell prefers a personal, direct approach to client care. Her integrity, expertise, and commitment to her clients has garnered her an outstanding reputation among her clients and colleagues alike. She takes a collaborative approach and makes herself very accessible to her clients, providing them with her cell phone number and email address. She understands that some legal emergencies do not keep office hours so her clients are encouraged to contact her should an urgent matter arise.

When you need an Education or Family Law Attorney, contact the Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell for compassionate, competent service. Ms. Tytell is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish in order to better serve and represent those who need her. Call today and get the help that you need. Get the law on your side.


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