Koegel Autism Consultants

Koegel Autism Consultants, a proud affiliate of the Koegel Autism Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is now providing services in the East Bay.

Pivotal Response Treatment:

  • Developed by Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel.
  • Is a behavioral intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), modified to include more naturalistic and motivational components.
  • Targets pivotal areas of a child's development, such as motivation, responsivity to multiple cues, self-management, and social initiations.
  • Is used to target communication, socialization, problem behaviors (including disruptive and restricted/repetitive behaviors), pre-academics/homework, leisure, and self-help/ daily living behaviors.
  • Is Implemented in the natural environment, and is play-based.
  • Believes that individuals with ASD should be included in their schools, counties, and in activities with their typically developing peers whenever possible.

We are available to provide training to individuals interested in receiving certification or more information on PRT. We offer group on-site training workshops, online Skype consultation for professionals and online Skype parent education for families, and certification in PRT (distance learning programs).

Kristin Wheatley, M.A., BCBA

KAC Bay Area Branch Manager/Clinical Supervisor

PRT® Certification Program Director

Phone: (925) 683-6631

Email: kristin@koegelautism.com

Kristin Wheatley has been working under Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel since January of 2005. She began her experience as an undergraduate research assistant and clinician at the UCSB Koegel Autism Center while completing her B.A. in Psychology and Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Upon graduation, Kristin worked as a clinician and program supervisor/parent educator with Koegel Autism Consultants for a year before pursuing a graduate decree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After receiving her Masters degree in Special Education, Kristin returned to Northern California to open a branch of Koegel Autism Consultants in the Bay Area, and to launch the PRT Training and Certification Programs. Kristin is currently the Clinical Supervisor of the Bay Area Branch of Koegel Autism Consultants, and provides training and supervision to the staff and the families served at this location. Kristin is also currently the Coordinator of the PRT Training and Certification Programs. Kristin is passionate about the dissemination of PRT to parents and professionals across the US and internationally, and focuses much of her work on training individuals in PRT through both on-site and distance (remote) training models.

5290 Overpass Rd. Suite 231
93111 Goleta , CA
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Tue, May 12, 2020: 3:32 pm
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