Kim Grant Tennis

Providing quality tennis experiences for the special needs community.
Kim Grant Tennis Academy believes in the power of physical stimulation, specifically tennis, to aid in therapy and recovery for a myriad of ailments, diseases, and physical limitations. KGTA’s program for autistic students, developed with the help and input of numerous industry experts, is a prime example of this belief.
KGTA uses tennis lessons as an innovative vehicle to deliver therapy. Our customized program utilizes the same equipment we always use in our training, but the activities are adjusted to promote coordination, balance, and social skills in the students. These lessons are designed to deliver structure, predictability, and encouragement to the students.
KGTA has staff that have been trained and are continually advised by certified experts to work with students with all types special needs – for more information about a specific request, please contact us.
3005 Middlefield Road
94306 Palo Alto , CA
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Fri, May 15, 2020: 6:41 pm
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