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KFS School Program Mission Statement

KFS School Program revolves around 4 essential pillars for a child’s well-being:

Greenhouse Camp
Camp registrations are open for all year round! Contact for dates and times for 2015.

Just like plants are grown in a Greenhouse, our Camp provides your children a unique opportunity for accelerated personal growth. At Kahlon Family Services, we are dedicated to working on the behavioral and interpersonal needs of children with differences, therefore building strong families in the city of San Francisco

Shadowing - Kahlon Family Services also provides ‘shadows’ to people of all ages requiring extra help towards independence. ‘Shadowing’ is a behavioral intervention. 
Social Skills - KFS believes that social skilling should be done in a natural setting, and not in a condescending way. There are many ways to teach social skills to children who do not naturally pick up on non-verbal cues in the world around them.
Behavioral Consultations - Family life is difficult – it doesn’t have to be unbearable though. 
Parenting Course - “Parenting With Confidence” is a 6-week parenting course offered by Kahlon Family Services for parents of different, difficult or strong-willed children. [Read More…]

We believe that every child can learn when given the right support and tools and that all parents need and deserve skilled support when raising a child with learning, behavioral, or developmental challenges. How each recommendation is devised and executed is unique to each child, but we like to work within some broad parameters. Consultants are available for anything from single-visit consultation packages to a long-term working relationship that is goal-oriented with clear timelines and expectations. We take the view that it should not be an arbitrary or indefinite timeline; rather, as a team, working with you and your child, we should all have input as to what the issues are, what we want to resolve, and how we plan on going about doing that.

Focusing on your most pressing, current concerns, we offer:

  • Assessing children in multiple settings to help create goals and achieve objectives
  • Creating behavioral plans that help support the child
  • Recommendations for environmental modification
  • Training to relevant staff/family in new behavioral plan
  • Assistance in writing goals that address the individual differences of your child and providing support at IEP meetings
  • Work closely with advocates, parents, and providers to better meet the child's needs

Kahlon Family Services can meet you at your home, school, playground, or wherever else is most appropriate to facilitate our goals. We do our best to appreciate the busy lives most families have, and are available to work weekdays, weeknights and weekends.


  • We Have Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers (www.zonesofregulation.com)
  • Stanley Greenspan's DIR-Floortime
  • Sensory Integration
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Discrete Trial/Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Verbal Behavior
  • PRT - Pivotal Response Training
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San Mateo
Sun, Jun 07, 2020: 8:17 pm
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