Jana Parker, Licensed Educational Psychologist

Welcome, I'm Jana Parker.

Licensed Educational Psychologist
American Board of School Neuropsychology
Certified ADHD Professional

I offer evidence-based solutions for unique learners. 
These learners often experience educational challenges. 
I provide empowering and quality services for students of all ages and their families.
It is a holistic, "whole child", and heart-centered approach.
Through psycho-educational assessment, I provide answers. 
How does your student learn? 
My recommendations and strategies will help your student maximize potential. 
Ultimately, I will help your student reach academic and social emotional success and thrive.


Comprehensive and targeted assessments for children, adolescents and young adults. 
Transition  Planning 
Comprehensive assessment related to career and post-secondary options for adolescents and
young adults. 
Educational Coaching
Short-term coaching sessions to address whatever questions or concerns a family may have about navigating the educational system. 
Executive Function Coaching
Coaching sessions for adolescents and young adults seeking to improve: planning, time management,
self-regulation, organization, & more.
Parent Coaching
Coaching sessions to support parents wanting to better understand and learn how to support their learner.


155 E. Campbell Ave, Suite #211
95008 Campbell , CA
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Tue, Jun 02, 2020: 9:28 am
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We were lucky to find Jana Parker and highly recommend her. She was warm, gracious, and didn’t patronize our teen (which a surprising number of professionals do). Her evaluation was quite thorough. Her report provided more than a diagnosis but also resources for us as a family. Months after her report was finished, I called her when I needed guidance, and she was incredibly helpful. Jana’s fees are on average with other providers (perhaps lower than most), and worth every dollar. If you need someone who understands what you're going through and will walk with you through your child’s diagnosis and next steps, Jana is the person to call.

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