INFUSE Special Students Empowerment Program

InFuse was founded in April 2017 by a group of friends who are passionate about making a difference in the life of kids with varied abilities. The team is made up of parents with special need kids and professionals from special education.

The program will provide appropriate training and customized education to prepare our children and young adults for their future while nurturing and enhancing their unique talents and strengths.

Team Infuse has been already running successfully a Special Need Peer Interaction Program for over 15 years. That program enhances Social Skills, Motor Skills and Self Esteem and confidence through dance music and stage performances. The program also involved middle school and high school volunteers from the community as peers to enable social interaction.

IFDA Special Need Peer Interaction Program
​Indian-Fusion Dance Academy has been conduction Social Interaction Programs with middle school and high school volunteers from the community for over 15 years. The program has been extremely successful and led to the founding of InFuse​

Daily After School Care
The InFuse team is working on providing quality After-School Care our children. After School program will start in August of 2017. The Summer Pilot Of Program will be a model for the after school program

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Fri, May 15, 2020: 2:30 pm
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