Homeroom Education


We believe every student deserves an enriching academic experience that supports collaborative, imaginative, personal positive growth. In our  custom crafted workshops, students of all skill levels get involved and are challenged to grow like never before! Our small-group workshops, satellite after-school programs, and interactive games provide immersive learning environments that leave textbooks and classrooms behind.
Get Immersed

Families that learn together grow together. We value family legacy learning as an important part of education. Get involved with our hands-on, family centered learning adventures. We have partnered with local Bay Area businesses, organizations, and educators to offer unique, on-location excursions ranging from organic farming to NASA technology that help families connect with their community and each other!
Start Growing

Providing a strong, supportive, diverse educational community empowers youth and families to dream big, reaching their full potential. Our community is here to share timely information on parenting, academic philosophies, and learning modalities in a respectful and collaborative exchange of ideas. Follow our blogs, newsletter, and social media to get involved in growing this multifaceted community.

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95125 San Jose , CA
Sun, Apr 26, 2020: 11:42 am
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