The Helix School

At The Helix School, we nurture your child's capabilities

The Helix School nurtures the capabilities of children with autism and autism-like developmental challenges in a dynamic, relationship-based, interdisciplinary educational setting. Our integrated curriculum is tailored to our student’s developmental level, sensory processing differences, and emotional-regulatory needs.  At THS, we emphasize motivation-based, kinesthetic and sensory-based learning. Take a look around and see what makes THS so unique!

The Uniqueness of Our Program Lies in How Highly Integrated We Are.  

We Are:

  • Flexible enough to be responsive to each student's enthusiasm and developmental levels;
  • Relationship-based for maximum effectiveness;
  • Carefully balanced between academic and social-emotional emphasis to serve the whole child;
  • Integrated across disciplines, with a high level of cross-staff collaboration, so learning is generalized and constantly reinforced throughout the day; 
  • Staffed with highly trained people who share a growth mindset focused on the strengths of students, families, and staff; 
  • Empowering for students, training them to advocate for themselves;
  • Rooted in the most up-to-date research and best practices for our unique population;
  • Dynamic and always improving.

Ms. McMorris has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Spelman College. She is trained in TEACCH Autism Program and Kimochis: Social and Emotional Learning. She is also level 1 certified in Pivotal Response Training.

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145 Lomita Dr
94941 Mill Valley , CA
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Fri, Apr 17, 2020: 11:11 am
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