Fred Finch Youth Center

Fred Finch Youth Center offers unconditional care, support and opportunity to children, youth, young adults, and their families who face complex challenges from one or more of the following: mental or emotional impairment; developmental disability; trauma and abuse, some at a very young age; alcohol or other drug use; poverty; exclusion; discrimination and stigma.

Because each person has different needs and needs change over time, services are available in several configurations and many locations including residential treatment, public school, non-public school, homes, community settings, specialized independent and shared housing. All mental health, educational and social services are professional, culturally competent, innovative, individualized and based on the strengths, hopes and aspirations of each person and family. The goal is always to support the individual and family on their journey to a healthy, satisfying, productive life in the community.


Once we receive a referral for a young person to receive our services and our staff have established their eligibility, an intake process begins with an interview and an introduction to the person who will be the principal contact and point person. Many youth and families come to us having experienced a revolving door of adults responsible for taking care of different aspects of their needs.

At FFYC, we put a stop to the revolving door and assign a culturally and linguistically competent, caring and consistent adult that serves as the youth’s primary point person. This person is involved in all aspects of treatment, growth, and development. Having a point person insures that needs get noticed, communication is clear and consistent and, most importantly, trust is built and remains solid.

After a comprehensive assessment is conducted, and with the help of their designated point person, the youth begins receiving services that are tailored to his or her specific goals utilizing the many and varied resources available with us. Our staff maintains necessary communication with family, caretakers, officials, and partner agencies every step along the way.


At Fred Finch Youth Center, we welcome and invite people from all backgrounds to address life challenges in a safe and compassionate environment. We commit ourselves to working together with our program participants to navigate complex challenges that may include traumatic experience, mental health concerns, drug and alcohol use, or other disabilities. We provide innovative, effective services to support our participants and their families to reach their goals.

Fred Finch Youth Center Program & Service Areas

Locations of Fred Finch Youth Center Offices

Avalon Non Public School, formerly Oakland Hills Academy

126 W 25th Ave, Suite 200
94403 San Mateo , CA
Sun, Apr 26, 2020: 5:11 pm
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